what oil?? do i need for klf300 bayou
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Thread: what oil?? do i need for klf300 bayou

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    Default what oil?? do i need for klf300 bayou

    hello my name is eric and im from the netherlands.can anybody tell me what kind of oil i need for my atv.its a klf 300 bayou 2x4 2001 i havent got the owners manuel so if anybody knows id appreciate it if youlld let me know here in holland they dont know **** thanx bye

    i hope ill get an answer soon........i wanna go

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    in the wintertime here we use a motorcycle specfic 10W40, we use the kawasaki 10w40 and in the summer we use the Kawasaki 20w50. Make sure it is a motorcycle oil and not an oil that is energy conserving like they use in automobiles, because the bayou has a wet clutch
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