ZX600A - Airbox installation
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Thread: ZX600A - Airbox installation

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    Default ZX600A - Airbox installation

    I bet this has been covered before but I am going to ask anyway.....

    My son and I had some time to get back to our 1985 Ninja 600R resurrection project this
    weekend. We reinstalled the carbs and then went to reinstall the airbox. After struggling a while I suggested that we should try disconnecting the carbs from the intake "boots", mating the airbox to the carbs and then try to remount the carbs onto the intake boots. Is this a good approach? Any other tricks to this?

    Thanks, as always, for any tips.

    Mike V.

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    Default Re: ZX600A - Airbox installation

    I just did this on my 85 600 this past Sunday, in the following order.
    1. I inserted the carbs into the intake boots but did not tighten the clamps.
    2. I installed the airbox, battery side first.
    3. I attached the hose on the underside of the airbox by using a long flatblade screwdriver to press it down into the opening.
    4. I gently pushed the front of the airbox down into the frame and onto the carbs.
    5. I had to work the rubber of the airbox for each carb by reaching inside the airbox and around the outside of each carb.

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