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Thread: Ninja 250 Service Manuals

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    Default Ninja 250 Service Manuals

    My dealer says they do not have the service manual for my '04 Ninja 250.
    They gave me the following part #, and offered to order it for me:
    99924-1066-01 described as a manual for an EX250E (price $41.49)
    My "gutt" tells me that this is not the right manual.
    I've read elsewhere that there is a service manual, and a supplement this correct? Does anyone have the correct part #s??

    Thanks for your help!!

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    Call our sponsor and he is cheaper than the price quoted. I know as I bought one. He also has the part number to the supplemental manual.

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    Today is your lucky day. I was cleaning up some old stuff yesterday and came across my packing list for my order. I bought mine from For my 2001 I ordered:
    99924-1066-01 Service Manual EX250E $36.95
    99924-1109-61 Supplemental Manual EX250F $24.95
    99987-1007-01 Owner's Manual EX250F15 $6.92
    tax $4.82
    shipping $8.95
    total $82.59
    It was money well spent. As I recall, the service manual covers the first two years of production. The supplemental manual covers the rest of the years. The owner's manual I listed above is specific for the 2001 model.

    When I ordered mine I didn't know about Beartooth, but I'd definitely try there or your local dealer. It's too bad that Haynes and Clymer haven't jumped in on this deal.
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    Default Ninja 250 Manual

    Curt, Haynes actually does make a Ninja 250 manual now. It is lumped into a manual that covers several other models but is a good savings over the OEM books. The Haynes Ninja 250 repair manual was just recently released and is a good option for the shadetree mechanic. Good photos and illustrations - great price.

    For example see: Kawasaki EX250, 454LTD, Vulcan 500 1985-2007 Haynes Repair Manual H2053

    You can also find a very cool online Ninja 250 project at The site has an online Ninja 250 manual in full color that is very comprehensive and specific only to the EX250 Ninja making it easy to follow. Access is by subscription and pricing is on a sliding scale with something for everyone.

    See: Kawasaki EX250 Ninja 250 Online Service Guide: Cyclepedia Press LLC

    As for the factory manuals - just to confirm what has been said, they work this like:
    If you own a 1986-1987 Ninja 250 then you need only the base manual which covers the 1986-1987 models. If you own a 1988 or newer Ninja 250 then you need to purchase the base manual AND a supplement manual that covers the changes made after 1987. You need both books if you own a 1988 or newer Ninja. Don't try to skimp and buy only one book to save money - you'll be missing crucial information that will help you save time by avoiding mistakes.

    Here are some links but you can certainly get these from your dealer or the many great sponsors here.
    See: Official 1986-2007 Kawasaki EX250 Ninja Factory Service Manual 99924-1066-01
    and Official 1988-2007 Kawasaki EX250 Ninja Factory Service Manual Supplement 99924-1109-65 (if link is broken try incrementing part number to -66 or -67 as number updates each year.)

    Having worked a lot with both OEM Ninja manuals listed here I have to add that there are many mistakes in each and the photo quality / printing quality is fair at best.

    Happy wrenching..
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    Good info.

    Too bad Curt hasn't posted here in 3 1/2 years, ever since some jerk stole his bike.
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    WHats with all the grave digging going on lately? Are we all that bored from winter?
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