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Re: Coolant change on the Mean Streak

Originally Posted by Idaho View Post
You need to remove the tank. Taking the tank off is easy, I've done it numerous times although I've never changed the coolant. That stuff lasts a long time, are you sure you need to change it? But if you do the job here is a bit of good advice I learned from others on this forum: Check all of your hose clamp connections...they get loose now and then and you don't want that problem when you are on the road.
Yes, it's easy, but it's also time consuming when you must remove the seat, disconnect wiring, remove the nacelle on the tank and wiring, disconnect the hoses under the tank, which is sometimes a dolor en mi culo, then remove the tank to gain access to the radiator cap/filler neck.

My bike is an 02 and I've yet to change the coolant. Though, it may appear to be ok, the protective chemicals and inhibitors can lose effect where they will no longer protect the system thoroughly. I'd rather be safe than sorry as I plan to have this bike for a long time.

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