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very difficult start with kawasaki kz700 ..

hi All, hope someone has some usefull tips..
In may i bought my first bike: a Kawasaki KZ700, just because i like how the model looks ...

35k miles, '87, 4 cyl, almost same as kz750/z750l

It had some difficulties when i bought it. It didn't run for couple of years but did start directly on choke. I did not run well on low rpm. So I gave it new bougies, new liquids, and cleaned teh carbs. It ran a lot better, even on low rpms when the engine s warm.
now since a while it starts very difficult if it didnt run same day, also not on choke... so i removed the tank and checked the fuel hoses but it didnt start at all, again removed the tank and turned out a large air hose to the airfilter was loose so i put it back and it did start on choke. Then i went for a ride and the gas went down too slow when letting the throttle go. (but new lubed throttle cable)

I checked all the hose connections and put on some axtra tape if i was of any doubt just to see if it makes a difference, but it doenst it start even as hard or maybe not at all!!
The bougies are dry after trying/starting for a while.

Dont know what to do next... anyone?

thanks !
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