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Originally Posted by kawpaul View Post
I am 60 years old and still bang my 30+ year old 454 to that 10 grand redline at times. All in the lower gears though as I have no need to go 100 mph any more. I think 80 is about as fast as I have had it.
Every bike I ever had I redlined and never dropped a valve or grenaded an engine.

It has 27k on her, I think. Been awhile since I checked but I keep her maintained pretty well.
+1 and I have to disagree with the sweepeing comment of "dont red line her",
I ride on the street only vintage stuff, my main ride is a 37 year old KZ750E that often gets taken to redline on it's stock engine, I ?ften do long stretches at 90 mph (doable here on italian autostradas).
in the weekends i road race in the national vintage cahmpionship, always taking motors way beyond stock redline
and this very week i took to the track a stock 1984 gpz550, did three 20 mins track session with her, constantly taking her to 11,000.

These motors were designed with these rpms in mind, no problem talking them there. of course that if valve springs are tired, piston has slop and eats oil, etc. then you are looking for trouble. but on a decent condition motor? cant see the issue, quite the opposite... in italy we believe that taking motors to the redline does them only good, seriously, it's called "italian tune-up"

sorry for the young dude but maybe the advice to him when buying the bike should have been, change the oil and filter, check the tappets and cam chain tensioners, warm her up well before pushing, etc...
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