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Ha! I did it! That adjustment tool referenced above was a big help, too. made it a helluva lot easier than a No. 8 wrench and a screwdriver.

But you fix one problem, and another rears its ugly head: while the bike was idling, as I was Carbtuning it, the #3 carb 'peed' out of its overflow tube...I had that happen yesterday too, but thought it was me ham-handedly adjusting the slides. Just the #3, none of the others.

I changed the oil, took it out for a brief run up the street and back - which was awesome considering the last time the bike ran was sometime in 1986 - and it ran great! But I notice that when it sits and idles, every 12 seconds a good spurt of fuel would squirt out of the #3 overflow tube. I turned the bike off, and watched it do it repeatedly, every 12 seconds. Got quite a nice-sized puddle before I took off the tank and watched my petcock continue to dribble, as well as glances at the fire extinguisher on the wall...

Took the tank off, and the petcock is dripping, rather steadily - but why would it be overflowing? That means the floats are dropping(yes??), allowing more fuel into the carb, which in turn goes into the overflow tube, and it 'pees'. Which means gas is somehow escaping(?) from the carb bowl? I changed the oil, the oil didn't smell like gas, there wasn't any fuel in it...the carb itself is not leaking around the gasket...any ideas? Nagging Thought: would the/could the needle seat be installed upside down? I don't think I did - I know what they look like and how they should go - but could that do it?

Also, FWIW, the idle screw is IN all the way, won't go any further; but the bike is idling right where it should be, around 900 - 1050/1100 rpms...would that have anything to do with it?
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