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Thanks rbentnail, I will check it out. I did search all forums on this site and could not find a thread dealing with ultrasonic cleaners so I figured I would start one. I hope in time, to get some more feedback here.

For those who have not heard about this clever invention, it is a device with a liquid-filled tank that holds the part you want to clean. You fill the tank with whatever cleaning solution you want; It could be just water or something stronger. When the device is switched on, it uses high frequency sound waves that travel through your cleaning solution. The sound waves create millions of tiny cavitation bubbles that form on and inside the part you are cleaning. When the bubbles burst it removes whatever dirt, grime or oxidation that is adhering to the parts you are cleaning. The bubbles continually re-form and re-burst.

I am told it is ideal for carburetors because the bubbles will form inside the smallest of holes, including blind holes. No more scrubbing or brushing or sanding which can physically damage the part. The carb comes out looking like new. A typical wash cycle takes about 5 to 10 minutes. Although some say it may take more than one cycle to get it completely clean.

I am looking for those who have advice to give on what features are best and which models work well for carbs and which don't
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