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yet another "my bike won't start" thread

Hey guys,

2006 Kawa 650R-6600 miles

I was about to hijack a thread but didn't want to. I searched for 'bike won't start" found a few things but different symptoms from mine.

YOUTUBE video showing what is happening with my bike (could not post the link not enough post count) but I do have a video. It basically primes the pump (buzzing sound) then when I hit the start switch it just 'clicks clicks clicks'

youtu.be/M268m5xo8fM that is the link of course with the https:// in front. I just know it helps to see and hear rather than just read a typed description.

I can jump start the bike using jumper cables but as soon as I turn it off it won't start again. I'm getting only 11.4 V with my meter across the battery , when I hit the start switch it drops to 11(this battery was brand new in Sep 2018 when I put it in) So now I know something isn't charging right.

My next plan is to check voltage/resistance on the stator -probably the resistance since I don't have a good known battery yet.. But why does it sound like a relay problem. Anyone ever been through this or maybe point me in the right section. I ordered a new battery and stator. But haven't ordered the rectifier yet. I am savvy with meters and such. So any advice would be very helpful.

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