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Originally Posted by martin-csr View Post
The brown connector is a mystery. Anyone know what it goes to?

There should be a component with a matching brown connector that plugs into it. Using the part numbers at Partzilla, I searched EB for the various electro components, but didn't see anything with a brown connector. The size of the connector & color of the wires might help in identifying what's what.


Thanks for replying. Looks like the brown connector is used for a hodge-podge of stuff and gathers output from the stator (blue connector), regulator (green connector) and rectifier (white connector) to finally route it back into the harness. The blue connector
also has input wires from the OP and neutral switches. I'm just about done except for neatening things up but haven't yet
made final connections or hit the button. Made a semi crude mounting plate for the new regulator, mounting it more or less
in place of the old rectifier. Will post back after trying it.

thanks again & hope the week goes well!
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