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More Voyager Accessories listed by Kawasaki

10-03-2009, 11:30 AM
:newyear: Listed yesterday and today... wow Kawasaki works on Saturdays

4 new Windshields...Medium Touring Windshield 4" shorter $99.95 , Short Touring Windshield 6"shorter $87.95 , Smoked Windshield Deflector 6" tall and the Tall Touring Windshield 2" shorter 99.95

Audio System... The CB RADIO KIT $634.95 , iPodŽ Adaptor Kit $98.95 and a Voyager XM Radio Kit $449.95

Billet & Chrome....Billet Handlebar Clamp $99.95

Seats & Backrests...Pillow Top Trunk Pad $134.95 and a Pillow Top Backrest Pad $99.95 Plush pillow top upholstery matches optional Pillow Top Gel seats ...New seat not listed yet

Luggage......Saddlebag Side Trim $309.95 and Saddlebag Top Trim $320.95

I think I might go broke this fall...... When Kawasaki lists stuff on the website they are ready to ship


The Vol-can
10-05-2009, 11:23 PM
Must...not...look. Beat the Bling. Forego the Farkle....Must try...:grin: