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ZZR600 - No/Intermittent throttle response

10-05-2009, 04:55 PM
Hi all,

Right, have an annoying problem, or rather one that's become the priority after fixing other problems!

My ZZ600 has very intermittent or even no throttle response.

Got home this evening, started, excellent, sounds lovely. I'd say purring like a ***** cat but it would be more akin to a tiger having his eyes rubbed!

An hour later started it again (after just refitting all of the side fairing). NO throttle response! I had to keep the throttle open (half way) just to keep it running. I held it there for about 2/3 minutes then all of a sudden plenty of revs (I didn't move the throttle from it's half way position), throttle worked for another 20 seconds (between 4-8k revs) then no throttle response again (repeated this a few times).

I would have thought blocked jets in the carb and am thinking of just adding some fuel additive first. I have about half tank fuel (which is less than 2 weeks old) so unlikely to be fouled.

Thoughts please peeps - easiest and most obvious first please!


Dar :D