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Attn: 2009 Voyager Owner's

Top K
10-13-2009, 11:32 AM
I know many have complained on this forum about the excessive heat coming off of the rear cylinder on the '09 Voyager. As you may know, Kawasaki addressed this issue on the 2010 bike, by placing some extra shielding on the rear pipe. I went ahead and called Customer Service 949-460-5688 and requested that they offer this part (shielding) as a retro-fit for the 2009 model. I encourage everyone that owns an '09 to do the same. Perhaps if enough of us request it, our chances will improve that they will offer it!

Ask for the "Log Number" when they record your request, and follow up on it after a few weeks. Hopefully, they'll listen to their customers! :-D