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I need your feedback...

10-25-2009, 01:39 PM
I had a 2005 Nomad that I found to be extremely comfortable after adding risers and a Gel pad to the seat. The 2009 Nomad seems to have solved these shortcomings by shortening the overall length of the bike, pulling the bars back further, and adding what feels like a very comfortable saddle, at least from a showroom perspective. I'm 5' 10" tall and have a 30" inseam and I think the '09 Nomad will fit me just right without subsequent modifications. This question is to you Voyager/Nomad riders who are approximately my height and inseam, is that an accurate assessment? Is the Nomad comfortable for you guys...as is?

My 2006 Goldwing is so wide at the seat and tank, even with the Ultimate saddle, that it effectively reduces my distance to the ground by several inches and forces me to balance the bike at stop lights on the balls of my feet, which is very uncomfortable. Walking it around parking lots can also cause some excitement if the surface is unlevel or there are leaves, mud, sand or oil on the surface.

After much consideration I have decided to go back to the Nomad (2009 Black) and have made a deposit on one at a dealer 100 miles from here (the only black Nomad anywhere within hundreds of miles) contingent upon my riding satisfaction after a long test ride, which I'll take next Tuesday (closed on Mondays).

Some think I'm crazy to go "backwards" from the "ultimate touring bike" (Goldwing) back to a cruiser, but I cruse 95% of the time and tour about 5% of the time. If I do purchase the Nomad, I'll sell the Goldwing which should pay for the Nomad, and I'll put the remainder of the money in the bank. I'm going to miss all the Goldwing's bells and whistles, especially reverse and the gobs of torque, but I think the step up in seating comfort allowing me to flat foot the ground once again will more than make up for it. I like the Voyager but it is taller than the Goldwing (fairing @ trunk) and heaver than the Nomad. I like the looks of the Nomad better of the two, possibly because I have such good memories of my '05 Nomad. Any comments? :redface:

Top K
10-25-2009, 08:53 PM
I'm 5'9", with about the same inseam. I have an '09 Voyager (which essentially is a Nomad with a fairing and a trunk). I think you'll enjoy the shorter wheelbase on the Nomad as compared to the Goldwing. I can flat foot pretty well on my Voyager. I've added foot pegs to the crash bars allowing me to stretch out quite nicely - I feel like I'm on a cruiser instead of a tourer. As you know, the Wing is strictly a highway bike, but with the shorter wheelbase the Voyager/Nomad is a little easier to ride around town. The Wing is in a class by itself. Since the majority of your riding is cruising, the Nomad seems a good choice.