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Fuel Mileage for the C-14

07-07-2010, 09:03 PM
Curious about the average Fuel Mileage you fellows are getting with the C-14. I did a search and got results on every model but the Concours. I swapped my FJR off with a Connie Rider back a few months ago and really appreciated the taller gear(6th). But heck, I can roll 60-65 and get 50mpg. Or twist the throttle and get 40..... on 87 Octane. What's the scoop on that 6-speed?

07-13-2010, 11:50 PM
I purchased a Honda VT700V for the early part of the US riding season, and made a trip through the Northwest with it, then sold it and bought a 2010 C-14. The C-14 has a selector switch for performance or just rolling along the highway. Select the higher mileage choice and you will get a solid 50 mph if you ride under 70 mph - which puts it in the same economy range as the much smaller Honda.

Just tooling around with the C-14 in the normal mode you can expect to get in the mid to high 30's because they are just too much fun as a performance bike. I have not owned the early C-14's, so do not know if they have this capability or not. The older 1000 I had did not.

I also seldom keep a bike for more than a season of riding, then try something else - but the C-14 just may change that as it appears to do everything quite well. (Although, I really do not like the goofy K-PASS fob and key system, it is way too complicated for my tastes.)

I had a Yamaha FJR1300A for close to a year and it feels maybe a bit lighter and more responsive for town riding, but about the same for highway use. The handlebar to seat relationship was not as comfortable as the C-14. But, all in all it still seems like a six of one and half dozen of another as to which may be better to me. Fuel economy is a push.

I really do not see the need for the Connie's six speed, and suspect it is a marketing ploy more than something of significant value to the rider. Kind of like the six speed in a Harley - never use it unless you are over 75 mph or the fuel economy goes in the toilet. I am also finding fewer and fewer roads on which I can safely tool along over 75 anyway!

07-14-2010, 09:02 AM
Thanks for the detailed comparison. Glad you had first-hand experience with the FJR. I really liked the 6th gear but as you say, it wouldn't be beneficial in every area. But if I lived west of the Mississippi I believe I would have to go with the taller gearing.

Morgan Buchanan
07-15-2010, 10:42 AM
I'm a daily commuter in the Dallas metro area. I can do 60-80 most days in the HOV lane, and I seldom use 6th, that's for sure. I get 35-40 if I'm riding aggressively. I'm trying a tank of using the Eco mode and not twisting the heck out of the wick to see how that goes. I've seen the "Current MPG" rating on the display above 50 a lot.

08-21-2010, 09:49 PM
I am getting 50+ on the main highways in town, cruising at 65 in OD. I was a little concerned about the tall 6th from what I read, but after owning it, its perfect. Non-issue, and when riding out west texas where 80-90 mph is normal, its just so placid, smooth, happy ... and getting 43-45 mpg to boot.