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08 C14 Back Firing Question...

08-07-2010, 06:46 PM
Hello all
I have a question & maybe in need of a map & or solution to a back firing problem with my 08 C14.
Aprox 11/2 yrs ago I installed the Dyno jet PC3 & An AreaP slip on exhaust with a map from fuel moto. I was experiencing some slight back firing with this set up. No big deal.
About 5 months ago I went with the AreaP full exhaust with another different map.
The back firing got worse.
I did the air box mod No change.... changed maps to the slip on map & even went with the 0 map (No data map) same thing.
I get some serious poppng @ about 3k RPM. On deceleration..
This bike runs like a raped Ape &/or Rocket ship but the decel???
I have read that this bike does back fire even with the stock exhaust but you just don't hear it do of course to the Cat & the crap they put in the stock exhaust

I have talked to AreaP & Fuel Moto & all they tell me is to do the air box mod & there are no other maps for the bike.

Now the question is... Does anyone out here run my set up & if so do YOU have this problem?
If you do run this setup & DO NOT have this problem ...What map are you running or if there is someone out here that is brighter than me please enlighten me as to what to do.
I pride myself as a open minded person & would love to hear from you. : )
Perhaps an after market air filter??

I am really not familiar with the way the mapping prog works should I add or subtract @ the 3K RPM data field? I DUNNO!!

Set up
AreaP full exhaust
PC3 with areaP/Fuel Moto map (They are both the same)
New plugs @ 9K miles I now have 11K & I have replaced the filter W/stocker..

Again the bike runs stronge as **** but I would like perfection. I'm a nut!!!

Thanks to all


08-07-2010, 09:28 PM
Go here ZG/GTR fanatics - Index (http://forum.concours.org/) :mrgreen: