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08-25-2010, 10:10 PM
I was riding the NEEDLES HWY in South Dakota on Tuesday (Aug 17) and I was surprised to find Santa there riding a Harley.

It wasn't until I returned to Michigan that I zoomed in on the picture and found his license plate said SANTA2 and his cap fits nicely over his half helmet. The kids in the area were delighted to see him and he was very good with them as their parents snapped pictures.

The Needles was a great ride as everything in South Dakota was. Wonderful roads and lots of motorcycles; you can see for miles and traffic of any kind seemed non-existent in many places. I learned in the Badlands that one should always start out with a full tank of gas. There is some BIG country out there. The day I learned that lesson I left my motel room down 1 gallon in he 1600 Nomad and I figued it wasn't worth my trouble to stop for such a small purchase. Later in the day and headed for Rapid City I was getting concerned even before the last bar on the gauge disappeared. When I came to a single pump station I had 0.7 gallons left and I don't know how much in the tank is actually unusable if any. I later came across another single pump store that I also would have reached but I had learned a good, never to be forgotten, lesson when visiting unfamiliar territory.

08-30-2010, 10:49 PM
Entering the Badlands of South Dakota from city of Wall, S.D.
Needles Hwy in South Dakota ... great ride through this area
Devils Tower in Wyoming
Back in Michigan's U.P. and visiting Oswalds Bear Farm. Naturally they only let you in the pen with the very young bears. They will climb into a chair and sit for you all day as long as you don't run out of Fruit Loops cereal. Their hair is surprisingly soft; it was a thrill just scratching this one behind the ears.