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zzr600 1996 choke splutter

05-03-2011, 01:31 PM
Hi all, from the UK so not sure if this applies to US models.

i had to dissasemble the carbs not long ago(bike stood for 18mths) to make sure no blockages and put it all back together with the same parts, now the bike starts on choke but dies quickly if left on, also if i sit on the bike as normal and shake from side to side it stalls with choke on....no idea why, rides great, plenty of power and no hickups when riding...just bemused really as to why....anyone any ideas how to diagnose ??

many thanks


05-04-2011, 07:07 AM
If you can't feather the choke (position other than full on) the carb enricher circuit is still dirty or there's a vacuum leak at the shaft. Shaking the bike shouldn't have any effect unless the floats are not set properly and the enricher is not getting fuel. If you can feather the choke I would look for too much fuel and the shaking is allowing the fuel to puddle versus atomizing. When it dies pull the plugs and see if they're wet.

05-06-2011, 02:23 AM
Hi Baitis, sorry for late reply..
well i checked everythng out again and all seems fine round the choke plungers, all seem working as they should.

this morning i rode the bike to work and few things cropt up...

when i put choke on and started, all ok about 2.5 to 3k rpm whilst the bike was on side stand then i sat on it upright and then it started to drop then die about 20-30 secs later, turned choke off an started again upright, ran ok(low revs till warmed up and ticked over about 1k rpm.)

next whilst doing 60-70mph, about twice the bike hesitated(fuel level on guage was close to red tho) so dont know if it was fuel blockage or electrical.....

fitted new filter about 2wks ago and checked fueling by removing fuel pipe to carbs and put in jug, turned bike over and plenty fuel came out so fuel pump seems ok....

getting a bit concerned now there could be a gremlin lurking ready to kill the bike whilst at work(i travel 75miles a day round trip to work).

so any suggestions for me to check welcome, quite good with mechanics so will tackle most things(if i have the tools).

many thanks in advance