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Install an inline AM/FM radion amplifier

05-21-2011, 06:53 AM
1. Remove the headlight bezel- one screw.
2. Remove the headlight with the 4 chrome 8mm bolts holding the headlight assembly on and disconnect the bulb connector.
3. Connect the inline amp to the radios antenna and secure with cable ties.
4. Remove the left speaker and baffle to get access to the power aux female bullet connectors.
5. Connect a bullet connector to the amps power lead and connect it to the aux power. I had to add a few inches to the power wire to reach the aux connector.
6. Put everything back together.
7. Play radio.

Took less than an hour from start the finish. The hardest part is connecting up at the power aux behind the left speaker... Kawasaki didn't make them long enough to make the job easier.

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