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please help i want to ride tommorow 2010 ninja 250r

03-11-2012, 07:10 PM
bike is almost brand new 4600kms
looking for some information
bike was running bike stoped running
replaced plugs bike runs fine
choke problem -starts fine runs fine with the choke fully on- 4k rpms
i back it off to 3k rpms let it sit for 5 mins
then back it off to 1800 rpm's at this point my choke is still quarter on i turn the choke off the bike shuts off

however i can keep the bike going with the throttle

leads me to believe simple fix

is there a idol screw?? timing advance???

03-12-2012, 09:47 AM
First thing: check for a loose, missing or disconnected vacuum line. You don't want to adjust the idle if there's a vacuum problem, because fixing the vacuum problem will allow it to idle correctly.

There's an idle adjustment knob on the left side of the engine. With the bike completely warmed up, use the throttle to keep the engine running, while turning the knob to the right until it'll stay running without the throttle. You're aiming for a 1300 RPM idle.

If there isn't a vacuum issue, your carbs might be dirty. Nobody would purposely adjust the idle too low to run by itself. Also check your air filter.

If your bike hasn't had its first valve clearance check, you might want to have that done. Tight valves can cause poor idle, followed by valve & head damage down the road.