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Need advice on buying a used motorcycle

05-22-2012, 03:52 PM
I Just sold my sportbike (Gsxr1000) and am looking for a completely different experience in riding. I think I have found that in this bike. It is a 2004 kawasaki nomad 1500cc. Very sharp looking bike with just under 14,000 miles. He is asking 4900 and says he is very firm about the price. I rode the bike about 20 miles today and the engine seemed to run perfectly. Did a quick inspection (with my limited knowledge) and everything seemed to check out. He is the only owner and he bought it new at my local bike shop. He has always changed the oil and kept up with maintenance he says and he is a policemen so i feel like i can trust him for the most part My question is two-fold.
1.) Will this bike get me from Illinois to say, Colorado and back comfortably?
2.) Is 4900$ a good deal for this bike? it is all stock, believe it or not, and it blue books retail at around 6100 and blue books trade in around 4200. I have been taught to meet in the middle of those two prices to find a price range and that has always seemed to work on the used market for me. I just don't feel super comfortable dropping close to 5grand on a bike like this if its not going to be a good deal. What is your input/suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your time and advice guys I will update later if I decide to buy it.

06-03-2012, 11:13 PM
I voted maybe. My reasoning is both used selling guides are that...... guides. The 1500 was a good bike but search around hear and read up on know issues. That should help you out some. Also no luggage rack or added goodies, might make it hard for a longer trip. Go to NADA guide ( plug in the info. Write down the retail and trade in prices and the high and low of each. Then go to Kelly BLue book ( do the same, check out the differences in them. Most of the time last year when I was researching bikes there was a minimum of $500 to sometimes as much as $1000 difference in say the retail between the two. Last I poke around craigs list in my area and see what they are kind of going for. Good luck I liked the looks of the nomads, but I personnaly liked the coverage of the bat wing I put on my 900.