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fuel tank and turn signal cancel

07-05-2012, 06:15 PM
I own a 1989 Kawasaki Voyager XII. Does it have a reserve fuel tank? I can not find one. My book says it holds 6.1 gal fuel but when I fill up it only hold about 4 gal. Why does the book show 6 gal? Also I am having problem with my signal light canceling when it is turned on. Is there a signal cancel switch? Or what is it called to get a part to fix the turn signal. Thanks for all advice and comments.

07-05-2012, 06:36 PM
The petcock(fuel control valve) on the gas tank has two pick up tubes, one longer than the other. When the fuel level drops below the long tube, you need to change the control lever to reserve(RES), and then find a gas station, as you've got limited mileage left before the engine runs out of gas.

As for the turn signal cancelling, open up the switch(usually on the left handlebar switch pod), and look for dirty electrical contacts. Most just need cleaning now and then. I use a very good brand of cleaner/preservative called "De-Oxit" available at Radio Shack Stores, and most electronic supply places. Home of DeoxIT® and HAND-E-GLOVE® - CAIG Laboratories, Inc. (http://www.deoxit.com) is the companies website.