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Concours 14 recall/wrecked 14 2 years ago.

08-16-2012, 12:52 AM
Ok. how's it going everyone? haven't visited this site in a very long time. Mainly because of not having a C14 anymore. so here's my story and why I'm returning.

2 years ago next month I was involved in a wreck with my 2009 concours 14. Single motorcycle accident on a back country road. I'll make this post short and sweet.

Do you all think that the rear break issue could have caused a circular bald spot with a line on each side all the way down to the cord? I checked the bike once a week and the tires were fine the sunday (5 days) before. I'm asking this because I still have memory loss from the accident. hit my head hard enough to crack the helmet (snell approved). and woke up as the loaded me into the ambulance. any ideas would be helpful.

08-17-2012, 10:43 PM
Your case almost sounds like a case of neglecting the rear tire. Chances are good it was worn out at the last inspection and it just showed it's ugly cords sometime between the sunday before and that last ride.

The rear brake recall deal wouldn't have caused an accident unless it caused the rear tire to lock up (almost impossible if it's got ABS).

Keep in mind that the C14 is a heavy bike, running typically on "normal" crotch rocket tires that are/were designed for a 350 lb bike. They wear faster on the C14's and FJR's due to the weight, power/torque, and riding style. Inspecting the tire's wear indicators is critical. When the TWI's are showing, they are done and the tire becomes unpredictable.

If it went to court and the tire was shown as evidence, you'd probably have a very hard time proving that negligence wasn't involved. In fact the defense would use it against your case. Seen it before.

08-18-2012, 01:11 PM
Just going to say these in reply.

Non-ABS. And maybe 15-20 miles after inspection where twi weren't showing. That's part of the problem with so little evidence is left. And why personally i keep saying it's not worth it, but keep getting told to contact a lawyer. If it was neglect it was something not seen but looked for. Also if i hadn't locked up at least one wheel why would i have seen a skid mark during the day? Other then that the only thing i really wish is answers to what actually happened

08-21-2012, 03:52 PM
It sounds like normal wear to me. I had the same issue on my stock tires, went for a ride down to the dealer to actually order tires because I knew their time was coming, got home, went to go out for another ride, and I had cord showing. So the 20 miles it took to get home, the tire wore down enough to show the cord. On the Connie it's pretty typical for a flat spot to wear on the center of the tire, with a ridge that drops off to the outer edges. That's from riding too much on the straightaways and not enough twisties, but if you do a lot of highway miles, you can't really help that.

09-04-2012, 09:19 PM
This is the sumary of the recall from the NHTSA website:

Kawasaki is recalling certain model year 2008-2012 Concours 14 (ZG1400 A/B/C/D) motorcycles. Due to a gap between the brake pedal and guard, small stone or debris can become trapped, creating a brake drag. This can cause the rear brake to overheat, leading to rear brake damage and lock-up or failure of the rear brakes. The front brakes may also be affected on ZG1400C models.

From reading your initial post I understood that your tire was flat spotted as what would happen during wheel lock-up at road speeds.

If the brakes drag for very long, the internal components will seize due to heat. The expanding hydraulic fluid will push the brake pistons out as heat increases and cause lock-up.

09-04-2012, 11:23 PM
Before you call a lawyer, call Kawasaki's customer service. It can't hurt.

I will will conclude my thoughts with this:
Their customer service department @ Kawasaki is top notch. Their service department and our local service rep are quite a bit less than top notch, but they are human just like you & I. If I had to put up with the crap they did, I'd have a bad attitude too.

Call kawasaki.
Then your lawyer if needed.

Usually if it's done the other way around, its a HUGE mess (been there, done that). Ends up in a ****ing contest and the only winner is the government and the two laywers (or liars...or politicians...whatever you want to call them). Went through it with a ZX14 customer a couple years ago.

Also...and I didn't think too much of it until now, look into your state's statute of limitations. Here it's one year (12 mo). Some places it's much longer.