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tight front break after being parked

10-08-2013, 04:38 AM

I've noticed that my front break is really tight after being parked the whole day, also only the first time I pull it (after that it is normal).

I am not to sure what the problem could be, and if something is wrong with the break system, I'd get it sorted rather sooner than later.

The conditions:

Parked under shade netting
On a slight slope (front being lower)

Also this only happens in these conditions (when parked at work), it doesnt happen when I am on a flat surface, parked in my garage (at home). Today I have parked differently (with the back being lower than the front), to see if that makes a difference (will post feedback).

My brain tells me, could just be the break fluid pushing forward and expanding because of heat maybe? but it doesn't make sense though.

Any suggestions? or am I just being Paranoid.


10-08-2013, 10:22 AM
Sounds like your brake fluid has some water in it. As the day heats up, the water expands more than normal brake fluid. Even when the bike is under shade netting it's still hot.

First step (for me) would be to change the brake fluid. After that, I'd start rebuilding stuff. Start with the master cylinder, then do the calipers.