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Garmin Connectioin to VULCAN VOYAGER 1700

Wild Rice
04-22-2014, 11:25 PM
Can I connect a Garmin GPS to a pigtail that is connected to the battery of my 2011 Voyager 1700? I used to connect it thru the input on the fairing... but I now have a Sirius XM SNAP device. I'd like to just use a pigtail that connects into the back of the Garmin directly. Any suggestions?

04-23-2014, 08:52 PM
What you're asking is exactly what I did on my bike. Sort of.

First I went here ( and got a powerlet socket. It's smaller diameter than a regular cig lighter socket but sealed with a cap and o-ring. I got long leads with it to wire directly to the battery.

I went to Advance Auto and got an in-line fuse holder and wired it in. I used a 7 amp fuse (seems high but I'll explain) of the same type as the rest of the bike- nothing extra or different to keep up with.

Then I went to GPS City ( and got mounting and gps cradle cable. There are so many different choices of mounting- pick one and go.

I don't have round handle bars so I couldn't use to u-bolt style clamp. I ended up here ( for a mount specific to my bike. So here's what I ended up with

So now back to the fuse. 7 amps is a little overkill for the gps, eh? But having a larger fuse allows me to use the same socket with an adapter to power other things when needed. Like the little air compressor I carry. Or a battery tender, tho I've never used one. Ok, the downside of this setup to some folks is that the socket is powered all the time and they don't want to drain their battery. But it only drains the battery when something is powered from it. And really, how many of us are going to leave the gps mounted on the bike for days and days? If you do that it'll prolly be stolen and your battery will be fine :lol:.