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Vulcan 500, 2006-Tips, Issues, and Advice

08-18-2015, 11:01 PM
Hey All!

I'm a relatively new rider; I started at the beginning of this summer, about three months ago, when I bought my brother's Vulcan 500, 2006, with 6000 miles.

I've put over 2000 miles on it so far, and I plan on putting a lot more on. With that in mind, I'm hungry for all of the Vulcan 500 knowledge you veterans can provide, including riding tips, basic and advanced care, and even modifications.

I put in a new battery, spark plugs, and cleaned out the carbs. I just got it tuned up as well, so it's riding relatively well. I am however, having a bit of an issue-

I feel as though the bike runs pretty lean, which affects overall bike power and can cause some issues (my conclusion from my basic research). The shop showed me where the mixture screws are manufacturer sealed, so there would have to be some drilling done to change it to a richer mixture.

I've had a very annoying issue come up three times now; my bike has been bogging down at seemingly random times. Two of the three times, I had just refilled. Two of the three times, I was in 6th, going over 60 mph. Suddenly, the bike just stops accelerating. Pulling the throttle seems to bog the bike down, inducing a low, unusual rumble. I can "accelerate", but it's a slow crawl between gears. It takes out all of the pep from the bike, making it ride-able but slow and sluggish. I have not found a solution, aside from leaving it alone overnight, where the problem magically vanishes. It initially sounded like bad gas, but after dumping the full tank and refilling, it still had the problem. Any thoughts or suggestions?
-it may be helpful to know that the bike was dumped twice; once by my brother, though it got all repaired through insurance, and once by me, going about 15 mph on a turn (I was a VERY NEW rider at this point, and had little/no idea as to what I was doing)(no damage, outside of aesthetics). I also took the carbs out with a mechanic friend/rider, so maybe improper carb rebuild can be causing my issue?

I would like to also put some money into the bike, in terms of upgrading and modding it. Any beginner suggestions?