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New Member, 2nd Bike, First Kawi

09-09-2015, 05:36 PM
Hello! The title says a lot. My first bike was a first edition 96 YZF600R. I got it right around 6 years ago. I took the riding course before I even rode a bike. That was a lot of fun and very instructional. I got the Yamaha after I passed that. It needed some work and I didn't do really any of the work to it. I changed the gas tank gasket and the battery then paid to have all the other work done. I got real comfortable on it, always wearing full gear. Then a couple months later I ended up herniating some discs pretty bad. I went about 2 months with no improvement so I sold it, losing a good chunk of change. At that point I still couldn't get my leg over it so I thought I was done for good.

Fast forward to today, I'm doing rather well, but the sport bike isn't so much for me anymore, though I could ride one. My cousin let me take her 07 Shadow 600 on some rides this year and I loved just sitting back. I realized that's how I want to ride. Not on the Shadow though. What were they thinking with only 4 gears?

Last week I picked up an 84 KZ700A with 16,000 miles for $775. Pretty decent condition, but it needs some love mechanically and some minor cosmetic work and that's where I'm stepping in. The seat is near perfect with no rips, the tank just needs some new piant and she runs. I'm mainly concerned with the mechanical work for this winter's project. I've never done this stuff before. I'm just diving in. I'm not scared. I just need a manual...and the knowledgeable people of this forum...and maybe some of my neighbors tools.

09-09-2015, 07:53 PM
Welcome aboard. Things like that are always fun and rewarding.