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ZZR600 discharging problem

09-18-2015, 01:23 PM
Hi I've got a 1999 ZZR600 UK spec. It does everything well except after about 60 miles or so it splutters to a halt with a completely flat battery. This despite the battery being brand-new and checked A1 OK.A local mechanic thought the generator was shorting out at high temperature and fitted a new one but it has made no difference. I have fitted a voltmeter to see what is going on and the results are as follows: on first starting up (never any problem) the meter shows 14.8 volts (whether the bike has been on charge overnight or not). This gradually settles down to 12.5 for my 11 mile journey to work, 12.1 if I have the lights on. After work the same, 14.8 and then 12.5 all the way home but showing 12.4 or 12.3 by the time I get home. Is this normal and if so where is all the charge going? Also the fuel gauge shows a reading all the time with the ignition on and off. Again, is this normal? The same local mechanic can't find the problem so I'm stuck with a bike I can only use on short journeys from home! Help!!