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First time on a bike in 10 years

09-20-2015, 08:14 AM
Growing up I had a couple older bikes, started out on a old school 5hp mini bike, then a ke175, then a ke250, then an elsnore 250, then a f7, then my f11
love the feel of the f11, the ground shaking 250 2 stroke
and after I blew up my F11 250 about 10 years ago, I never really got on another bike, I spent the last 10 years searching for the few parts I needed for my F11, after a couple years of the bike being apart and me moving a few times, more and more pieces slowly went missing, so about 5 years ago I decide to look for a "parts bike" expecting to find a bike for $500+ rusted out, and seized, but have most of what I wanted on it, a couple weeks ago I found the bike, not ran in 5 years, $350, called the guy, he had someone coming out the next day to buy it, I offered him the extra $100 to hold it, rented the uhaul trailer and drove 9 hours, 800km to pick it up, turn around and head home, the bike is only missing 1 mirror, I signal light and the battery, it had been stored indoors for its entire life, I got a "parts bike" in better shape then the f11 im trying to restore. now im stuck, I want to fix the bike I got for graduating highschool all those years ago, but the parts bike I have is in to good of condition to bastardize, I have the ownership for my original bike, no ownership for the new one, any idea how hard it is going to be to get an out of province ownership??

If anyone can tell me how to post a picture I will show you what I got