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Clutch problems. 2010 KLX 250 waf

05-08-2016, 12:07 PM
So I replaced the clutch and did plenty of other work on my klx a few weeks back. The bike was shifting though gears fine but I noticed a low power in the high gears (5th and worse in 6th gear).
Soon after noticing the low power it started to get worse. I could not get the bike to go above 6k rpms in 5th and 6th gears, also, a back and forth jerky motion began at high speeds. Pulling the clutch lever stopped the jerky motion.
At this point I was on a mission to get my bike to a safe place, so I road it another 6 miles trying to nurse the poor bike. Occasionally while slowly riding the bike to safety, it would lose almost all power, make a loud terrible noise and as I would pull on the clutch lever, the bike would die (while still rolling).

The oil I used in the clutch is the same as I use on my dirt bike and I don't think that was the problem.
When I ordered the new clutch components, they sent me some that had a different friction plate pattern than the one I took off of my bike. I installed it, it seemed to work fine. I asked what was supposed to be a reputable motorcycle shop if I needed to go and find the correct friction plates or if the different pattern made any difference, they told me it would be just fine. I think that they are retarded.

My plan right now is to get the proper clutch plates. Rebuild the clutch again, (replacing the disks, plates and gasket). And cross my fingers.

Some insight would be great guys. I don't think I'm in over my head, but I'm nervous.