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86 gpz z1000

06-02-2016, 06:33 PM
Just bought 86 GPZ 1000 W/ 27,000 very clean. Seller told me he had valves and carbs serviced? However when I turn throttle to accelerate it bogs until BOOM it takes off. A lot of sputtering going on when it bogs like it's out of fuel? Also trying to reach top in higher gears it sputters and backfires. The choke lever does not stay in place and must be hand held during warm up. Could these two items be related? I've read that sticky floats are a problem w/ this bike? Also considering the emulsions tubes being the culprit? I'm a newbie here and would greatly appreciate anyone's input to my problems. Thank you

06-03-2016, 12:14 AM
I assume it has CV carbs that have the diaphragms. If so, check the diaphragms for leaks and proper sliding. Put a filter on the gas line before the carbs. I put a bottle of Valvoline complete fuel system cleaner in a tank on my ZN700 and it finished cleaning up the carbs. Lots of bikers prefer seafoam because it isn't as harsh as most cleaners and won't harm the bikes carbs.