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Zephyr 550 bad tach?

06-10-2016, 04:49 PM
Hello everybody I'm new here and was hoping someone could help me out with some wiring stuff. I have a 1990 zephyr 550 I have not had the bike long and I am building it in to a rat cafe racer. I'm having problems with the tach. It's the stock tach and the bike runs good when it unplugged but miss fires, back fires and tries to die when the tach is plugged in. I have checked the wires but there is nothing that looks wrong. I'm thinking bad tach or bad CDI box ? Any thing will help thanks :)

06-10-2016, 06:37 PM
Since the bike runs good when the tach is disconnected, the igniter is probably not the problem. The Kawasaki service manual may have a comprehensive troubleshooting section & flowchart for the electronic tachometer.

Is it possible the tach sensor wire is connected wrong? Most Kawasaki electro tachs I've seen have the sensor wire connected to the black primary wire going to one of the ignition coils.


Julius Michael Honrada
07-12-2016, 08:02 AM
my 1987 ninja 250 tachometer is very simple , just 1 black wire(negativ) from the cylinder #2 ignition coil this wire is coming from the cdi and splits somewhere inside the harness , one goes to the coil , and one goes to the tachometer.

the tachometer shares 1 positive wire for the whole gauge including all the lightsi n that gauge , and shares 1 negative wire for the whole gauge ...

the positive is coming from the reg/rectifier , the lights in the gauge is operated by the rectifier (the light shines brighter when you rev) , the negative is a common ground for the whole bike that ends up in the negative of the battery terminal or the chassis