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Greetings from Tucson!

06-19-2016, 08:10 PM
Hey gang. Wanted to drop a line and say hello. Hopefully pick me up a Vulcan 900 Classic tomorrow after work. So stoked.

Just recently moved to Tucson from Indianapolis. What a change, and holy crap it is 116 degrees today. Good lord.

My dad rode bikes a lot back in his day, which lead me wanting to ride bikes. I have a twin brother, and he wants nothing to do with motorcycles. That's fine. I started riding in 2009, took the ABATE training class back home in Indy, and bought me a 1998 Honda VLX 600cc Shadow which I thought was the coolest thing ever. Unfortunately I had to sell that Shadow in 2010, and have been a non-biker ever since.

Luckily the boss game me the go ahead to buy another bike, and I found a sweet 2009 Vulcan 900 Classic LT today and I will hopefully pick up tomorrow after work.

I am excited to get back into riding, and look forward to being a part of the community.

Hello everyone.

Hot Cruiser
06-19-2016, 10:13 PM
Welcome, and have lots of good rides on the 900 LT when you pick it up.