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Issue getting gt550 started. Please help.

Timothy Metcalfe
07-01-2016, 11:30 AM
I bought this bike a week ago as a non-runner but the seller assured me it ran before he stored the bike for a few months. Before he posted the bike, he had a bike mechanic have a quick go over and the note they sent with bike goes as follows;

"Check out coil ok
Check out pick ups ok
Red light safety check ok
left hand coil sparks ok
right hand coil no spark

red light safety check item not locking on due to cdi malfunction right hand supply to coil

m/c will run on two cylinders

check supply to coil right hand from cdi unit"

I contacted a mechanic this morning who suggested I should simply buy one coil, as these wouldn't work at all if it was the cdi unit that was failing? I've therefore bought a coil which i will replace when it id delivered but is there anything else that is worth checking?

When i try to start the bike (electric start) there are noises but nothing of a mechanical/moving nature. Just electrical sounds...

nb. If i try bump starting it the engine does turn over so not seized..
Also tried shortcutting the solenoid but other than a few sparks nothing changes/happens in its attempt to start!

I am very naive to all this so any help would be appreciated!

Thank you, Tim

Julius Michael Honrada
07-12-2016, 07:45 AM
The starter motor is dead... check if its properly grounded or its negative line this might be the easiest fix but if there is a ground you might have to replace the starter motor.