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Hi, my name is Gary "Bubba" Burrell

09-28-2016, 11:11 PM
I'm a MSF RiderCoach. We have several Eliminator 125s as trainer bikes. Not sure of the year model but are having problems with some of these bikes. I have volunteered to help get these bikes back into rotation. I'm an ole farm boy and have worked on all types of motorcycles from a Sears Mo-Ped to my current '99 Goldwing. I joined this forum so maybe I can find some ideas on repair for these bikes. When running these are good training bikes. Again I don't know the year but these are carbureted. Some idle fine then won't idle when warmed up...or have high RPM after warming up.... Idle down and in a few minutes of riding won't idle...idle up and high RPM in a few minutes of riding... Drives a student crazy...and one more thing the student shouldn't be dealing with along with another 1000 new and different inputs. Too much for a new beginner rider.

Another big problem is that batteries seem to go bad...constantly...even after being on battery maintainers (Multi port Battery Tender). As always, these are only a few of the problems and I just volunteered to help work on these to help out our program. It is a state program and really has no money to have a full time mechanic or carry them to the shop.

So, maybe joining this message board will help me in troubleshooting and repairing our trainer bikes.

My apologies for the long into...but now you know why I'm here....I've got a lot of searching to do...