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Review of Scootworks, Zebulon, NC

11-05-2016, 01:56 PM
Review of Scootworks, Zebulon, NC

I bought some risers from Scootworks and here is my opinion of the product and the company.

The quality of the product is fair at best therefore it is too expensive for what you get.

The customer service is deplorable. Do not even think of emailing them and ask where your order is or you will get this:
“This isn't a desk job, it's a fab shop. I certainly don't have time to email everyone and tell them this part is in polishing, that part is being welded, we're machining this or that, it's all immaterial. Else, I would spend a bunch of wasted time sitting in front of the keyboard.”

I was curious and did a bit of online research and found out there are myriads of complains against them.
Do you homework and read forum posts about Scootworks BEFORE you place an order.

The Better Business Bureau alone has 50 recorded complaints and rates them and “F”......Yes “F” as in failure!
You know that 50 recorded complains at the BBB means hundreds of dissatisfied customers that never write a review.

I will never again buy from this company as I do not believe my money should support such poor run business.

If you have bought from that company and are utterly delighted with them, good for you! However, remember that you can put your hand in the snake pit safely only so many times before he eventually bites you.

I will offer you an alternative: Do business with Chucksters Customs instead. I have spoken with Joe, the owner, before. He is an extremely helpful person and a customer-pleasing businessman. And, his product are of superior quality.

Disclaimer: I am just a customer and not associated with either companies.

11-06-2016, 12:05 PM
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