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Hi, I'm an old Florida rider, but new to Kawasaki

old florida rider
01-31-2017, 09:58 AM
Greetings. Good to be a part of your excellent forum, guys.

I am looking to restore and ride yet another old bike (at age 76). Along with a mechanic-friend of mine, we both love to tinker with em as much as we love to ride.

So, if anyone knows of an old Kawasaki somewhere around Central Florida that we might buy cheaply and restore, please let me know.

Having owned 15 Honda bikes 50 cc's to 1500 cc's, I've only ever owned one Kawasaki, a KZ1000Police. Last summer, my friend and I rebuilt a Kawasaki 750 Big Twin for another friend. But, that's all the Kawasaki experience we have.

So, if we find a suitable one to restore, we'll be asking lots of questions. BTW I love parallel twins.

Good to be with you all.


01-31-2017, 01:10 PM
Welcome! I'm sure you will soon find a good candidate to refurbish.