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2017 Z900 Exhaust

U Mirin
04-23-2017, 07:05 PM
Hey everyone, I just purchased a 2017 Z900 with 8 miles on it. It now has 90ish miles on it.

My first question is pretty simple: "The user manual says 1,000 miles break in or 1,600 km. But then says 600 miles is the break-in in a different area. What do I do it at? I'm aware most bikes is 500 but even the dealer I bought from said 1,000."

Second question: "If I pull the exhaust off, not the cat that is directly underneath of it, will I harm my engine by running it like that until I buy a slip on? I have been told my the guy who works the dealership in parts that it's basically the same as running a straight pipe. That is fine with me because I want the noise but I don't want to get screwed since it's still in the break-in period in terms of how the engine will cope with it. Any help/suggestions here? I would like to pull the stock exhaust off and just run it like that for awhile for the sound."

Let me know what all you have and as soon as you're able, thank you!!

- Mike

lincolns mullet
05-04-2017, 11:29 AM
I don't prescribe to the manual's method for break-in but typically it's 600 miles for every Kawi I've had. Though I do vaguely remember seeing 1000 in the manual when I skimmed though it.

I think I've got 400 something miles on mine right now so I'm still "breaking it in".

I'd just leave the exhaust alone until you get a new one but I don't think it will cause any harm to the engine if you remove.