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Need help diagnosing problem

06-21-2017, 12:59 PM
I have a 2004 zx600e
In third gear at 35-40 mph it has a surging sound, as well as a kind of jerky ride. Like it's losing power then getting it back then losing it then getting it back. It's not a lot and is difficult to notice at first. It's faster paced at higher speeds. But tends to quiet down at about 6700 rpm. I think it might be dirty carbs but could be wrong so I would like other opinions.

Thank you for your time

06-22-2017, 08:23 AM
Some of the more experienced forum members such as Sfair may have better suggestions. my disclaimer. hee.
I would make certain the battery is good as the bike needs a good, fully charged battery to run right. never assume a battery is good. test it & do a load test. Checking the battery is easy. do the tests, then move on to the next possibility, whatever it may be. On my 81 KZ650 I've had several instances of a battery or ignition problem causing high speed surging. Low electrolyte once. bad battery. bad spark plug wire connections. bad ignition coils.

I have a Scorpion AGM from and use a Ctek US 0.8 smart charger & VC97 digital multimeter.
High beam load test (engine off). I do a high beam load test. not sure if this will work with your bike. charge the battery with a good smart charger. 12.6+ VDC. a good battery will be higher. turn on the ignition switch (engine off) & turn on the headlight high beam. the voltage should drop to about 12.2 VDC. If it drops below that some, the battery may need replacing. If it drops below 11 VDC, the battery is probably shot.