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New: Hello from The Central FL Mancave

07-09-2017, 05:13 PM
Hi all,

New here but not to bikes - been riding for over 40 years and have owned many, many, many bikes over the years: from Sportsters to single cylinder 2-strokes. Currently (as you may have figured from the name) I have a 1974 H1E 500 triple and today - I bought a 1976 KE175 in fantastic shape and ony 3000 miles! That is why I found this site - was scouring the bowels of the internets trying to find source of parts and information. I can see that there is not the aftermarket parts availability with the old KE as there is with the old triples. Triple parts are everywhere - but stuff for the 175 is tough...mostly on fleabay and I do not do fleabay as of 10 years ago. Anyway - hello...I will nag with questions in the dual sport area...