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KZ1000p will not idle

09-10-2017, 09:40 PM
I have had this 1988 surplus cop bike for 20 years, and Ignored it for about a year, and now it is mad at me. Ethanol gas bit me, And I could barely get it to run on full choke, so I removed the carbs took the ap-art for cleaning and they were full of years of neglect, I pulled the main plugs and cleaned all the stuff out of there. Put new head to carb rubber mounts. The air
adjustments were recorded, and it was 5 full turn on each. I did not separate the carbs and did not adjust the idle, but it only starts with ether and a full choke. I check compression it's 130 in each cylinder.
Any suggestions, I have cranked the air screw from 2 full turns to 5 and really no improvements. The vacuum diaghprams
are all good, Right now I am kinda lost.

09-22-2017, 11:20 PM
Were the pilot jets removed, cleaned, and verified to be clean before re-installation? Nozzles clean and can you see through all the little holes? That is generally the first place I go when I get one that won't idle or run without choke is the pilot jets and/or pilot circuit. It will have a BIG affect on cold starting and all idling. I haven't been into one of those antiques in over 20 years but I seem to remember them having different jetting for the center 2 cylinders, so it may be worth looking into if you haven't already. If the stagger is off, it won't cause no idling but it will cause roughness and somewhat poor part throttle running. Hard to describe but once you've fought with one to get it to idle/run right with the wrong stagger, then correct it, you don't forget....LOL. Especially on a 4 cylinder bike where the carbs are tough to get in/out.

09-23-2017, 04:03 PM
Make SURE the pilot jets, main jets, float valves, are all clean. I would guess the pilot air screws would be set at about one and one half turns out from the bottom. There is all kinds of crap that can clog those little passage ways. One thing, where ethanol will get you is the gas tank. Microfine rust, like powder, can ruin the petcock and make it hard to turn and then this stuff gets into the carbs. Open the float bowls and make sure they are filling up. Try not to use ethanol gas. In Missouri we can get non-ethanol 91-93. I didn't work on 1988 models. I'm an antique; worked on the 73 to 81 Kz1000's Kaw in Vallejo, CA. Western Kawasaki in Am Canyon.