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Clearview Windshields Review

11-14-2017, 07:44 AM
If you had a great experience dealing with Clearview, good for you! This thread was written to inform those who are considering buying from Clearview.

1) You will find out when your windshield will be made AFTER your credit card has been charged….and in most instances, once you add shipping time it will take a month to get it.

2) If your windshield is a ˝ inch shorter than what you ordered you will be told that, "It does not adversely change the performance of the screen" by the president of the company. When you talk to customer service you will be told that "it's not an exact science", "there is shrinkage", "It’s close enough".

3) Under no circumstances will they ever pay for return shipping, even if they admit that they screwed up your order!…….and if you go ahead with an exchange you will have to pay shipping again for the new shield.

4) And the big gotcha if you return a windshield is their 30% restocking fee.

I did business with them, wish I didn't and will use their competitor next time. I had some dealings with 7Jurock and they were prompt and courteous.