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New Member - New W650 (2.5K miles) - Deep in Mexico

02-28-2018, 01:32 AM
Hello to All!

I am thankful for the wealth of information on the W650, as it has convinced me that (for my criteria), it is going to be the perfect motorcycle for my final years. At 65 years old, this will probably be the last in a lifetime of a variety of motorcycle types. My last bike was the second year Yamaha FJR 1300 but 10 years ago. Now that I have retired, I have decided to get back into the saddle on the Kawasaki W650. I live full time in the mountainous central part of Mexico. There are some great, scenic roads here. If you can deal with the changing quality of roadwork, the travels in Mexico will equal those in Europe… a fraction of the cost.

In two days, I am driving 350 KMS. to Guadalajara, Mexico to purchase a sight-unseen 2000 W650…… with only 2,400 miles. 100% stock, and from the photos I have seen, flawless, as though it had just been un-crated! The current Mexican owner, a 75 year old bike collector purchased it from the original owner in Florida in 2017, and then paid import and duty costs to bring it into Mexico. He now has to sell it due to health issues.

From the quality and knowledgeable input from all of the contributors on this forum, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or comments on what to check for on this 18 year old "NEW CLASSIC". From my experience in buying over 20 used motorcycles in my lifetime, and comments from various sources, these are some of the key items on the "Pre-Purchase Checklist". Feel free to send me other areas to check.

Pre-Purchase Checklist - 2000 Kawasaki W650
1. Insist that the bike is cold (un-started for day) to check ignition and start-up noises.
2. Check for rust - inside of fenders - inside of gas tank - lower frame
3. Check wiring and battery condition under the seat
4. Confirm VIN# on title matches number on head stock area.
5. Bike should include owner's manual and 2 keys.

I used to always do a compression test on any vehicle purchased, but this does not seem to be very common anymore. Thoughts?

Due to the very few miles on this bike in the last 18 years, this is my list of first upkeep:
1. Flush and replace all fluids. Engine Oil. - Brake Fluid
2. Install new tires - front and rear. From past positive experience I lean towards Metzler, and then Michelin. Some other brands of interest are:
a. Dunlop GT501
b. Avon Distanzias
c. Michelin Anakee 3
d. Pirelli Diablos

3. New Battery - Yuoza?
4. Brake pads - EBC or HH
5. Replace rubber fuel lines.
6. Install SS brake lines.
Anything else you would suggest or recommend?

In closing, as a way of thanking all of you and giving something back, I look forward to contributing what I can. I will at least be submitting some unique riding reports - that equal anything I have seen in Europe. And you can ride your bike to my area in central Mexico in 10 hours - from the Laredo, Texas border crossing. And regardless of what you read in the press these days…….you will RIDE SAFE IN MEXICO!

Thanks in advance!
Tom in Tequisquiapan
A Pueblo Magico