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VN 1700 Voyager repacement

03-25-2018, 07:59 AM
Now that the VN1700 Voyager is no longer available in Europe does anybody know if a new Voyager is being planed?
Now for you who are not aware of what that statement means, here in Europe the emission controls have been tightened. Under the new Euro 4 laws for motorcycles many motorcycles that didn't meet the requirements by the end of 2016 could be no longer imported and the rest stock had to be sold off by the end of 2017. Now although they are still available in many other parts of the world, it does look like the end is coming for our beloved Voyager.
So with that in mind (And if anyone at Kawasaki is reading this) Honda, Harley, Indian and others have updated the emissions on there bikes, what is Kawasaki doing? Maybe it's time for a new full dress tour motorcycle? If so then maybe we could let Kawasaki know what we would like to see on the new model? Kawasaki did ask the Voyager XII (ZG1200) what they would like to see on the next Voyager, so maybe they'll do it again. I know that I miss being able to move the top-case (trunk) back a few inches as I could on my old Voyager (1200) and I would like a fairing (cowling) and screen that keeps the rain off the rider better (as the 1200 did). Faster? Infotainment center like the new Yamaha? dose it have to be a V-Twin Harley copy? how about you out there? What do you think? Would be nice to her from you...


03-25-2018, 09:04 PM
I have never liked the "Harley" style bikes especially with a V-twin. If I bought a new touring bike now, I would choose either the Honda GW or the BMW K1600GTL or BMW R1200RT. A 4 cylinder bike would be my engine choice on a new design. They are smooth enough without going to the expense of a 6 cylinder. But, at my age, I probably won't be buying one so my opinion doesn't count.