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04-01-2018, 10:12 PM
Hi I'm Tyler and I remodeled a basement for an old friend Cameron this weekend and received a 2006 zx6r which needs work in the trade. The bike was a foreign exchange students who used to live with him the kid moved back to Dubai and left the bike he paid cash for. I know it's not stolen and that it was left to Cameron because we grew up together and I met and became friends with the exchange student. The bike needs some work I won't know what all needs done until I drop the pan next weekend and decide if I need to split the case I'm assuming I will have to. With all that being said he is looking for the key and cant find it I'm sure it will show up in due time but I started looking up other possible solutions they seem to all suck unless you want to pay big bucks or have the title. I'll have to file for a lost title I know this is going to be a giant pain but saw people talking down to a guy who'd first post was on hot wiring his bike so I figured I'd make a post introducing myself and how I got my first bike. I'll be posting pics of my rebuild once I start thanks guys