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Advice needed: D-Tracker 250 or KLX250

06-30-2018, 03:43 AM
Hi all, very new to the forum, not so new to riding. I will be moving soon, to a country where I'll have to drive a smaller bike than I'm used to, and in very different weather. I'm gonna be living in a mountain area, plenty of small cities and villages, good roads. Typical 4-seasons weather, with slightly higher precipitation: kind of central Europe, but slightly warmer. I will be commuting about 100km each day (return trip).

I originally was thinking of a z250 or w250, but the mountainous area and the wet weather made me consider the two models from the topic (DTracker and KLX250, the latter with road tires), which have been growing on me more and more. I'll be doing 95% road 5% dirt (sleet, maybe snow).

(Also, the z250 feels uncomfortable for commuting and I'm scared it won't feel as safe on wet/slushy surfaces, while the w250 "feels" like a really cheaply built bike...)

Here are a few noob questions which my previous queries on google left me confused about. For all intent and purposes, I'm assuming stock, no mods whatsoever except for the tires.

1.what are those bikes' top speeds, on road (I'm of average build, 178cm 66kg)
1b.what are the bikes' respective reasonable cruising speeds (like, on an expressway)? commuting 100km/day on a 250cc viable?
3.which tires should I get? 80/20 or plain road tires for wet conditions?
4.what are the main differences between the two bikes?

5.bonus: which one should I get? 😄

Nice to meet you all, thank you kindly,