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Factory cruise control

09-02-2018, 02:23 PM
Kawasaki has produced cruise control on the ZG1200 going way back to the late 80s. It must have worked well because I have never heard of any issues with it. Now, I'd like to see if I can install the complete cruise control package on my VN1600 Vulcan Classic. The main components are readily available on ebay. The actuator motor and cable control on the ZG1200 operated four carbs so it should easily handle the dual throttle body FI on the VN1600.

Does anyone have a wiring/logic diagram for the ZG1200? Or does anyone have experience working on the ZG1200 cruise control? The ECM, actuator motor, cable actuator, harnesses and control cluster (on the right handlebar) are easy to find on ebay. I'd have to rig up some sort of on/off switch system so I don't have to use the control panel that sat at the front of the dummy fuel tank on the ZG1200. Same for a speed sensor pickup, which either gets a signal from the speedo and/or a separate Hall effect sensor mounted on the driveshaft or rear hub.