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Ninja 650 vs 1000

04-07-2019, 02:20 PM
Hello Riders , I am about to sell my Harley 1200 Sportster And Buy a ninja . I have had a cbr 250 for few months before I brought Harley. Had it for 5 years now .

I don’t ride very much. May be take out the bike twice a month for 50 mile rides mostly on the state highway with 75 mile sped limits . I am 6 ft 220 lbs

I am looking for a very stable comfortable bike with upright seating with mininmal stress on arms , back with windshield . I do want some thing that is quick and responsive if I have to overtake a truck going at 80 mph.

I will never drive on track .I am not goi g to go on 300 mile trips . The dealership close to me is very small and do not have any Versys( I have ridden a rental Versys 650 for a few hundred miles about 7 years ago and it was ok nothing out of ordinary ) . Ninja seemed reasonably comfortable when I sat on it

If I can get enough acceleration and stability @ 80-90 Mph and cross winds I will get 650 ninja . Do I need the 1000?

Thanks a Bunch