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05-09-2019, 07:25 PM
Hey guys,

Hoping some of you will be able to help. I just bought a 1995 VN1500A with the intentions of restoring it. It has no fire going to the plugs, a slow turnover, and the headlight will not turn on. The batter is brand new (3 days old) and is showing a reading of 15.62V. When testing it and while trying to start I get an initial reading of 13, then 11, then 8 as it slowly drains the battery. I have also checked the starter relay and it seems to be working properly. Any advice you guys could give me on this would be greatly appreciated. Also, I have 2 wires (white/blue, and yellow/black) disconnected by the battery box and they run all the way into the headlight bucket and are unplugged there. the white/blue wire seems to be connected to power somewhere in between because its giving me a "15.something"V reading. while the yellow/black gives no reading. The fuel pump seems to be inactive too. I hear no noise when I turn the key to the "on" position. I ordered a new one thinking it would be best to go ahead and replace it but the knew one is doing the exact same thing. I've ordered a Clymer's manual but hoping you guys could give me some info to try to trouble shoot these issues while I wait for it to arrive next week. Thanks in advance for any help and information you guys can offer.