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RyBooch 05-21-2019 08:47 PM

15 Ninja 650 Bogging?
Hey guys, I just started having an issue recently on my 650.

About a week ago, I was riding home from work when my bike started to bog down in power, was going about 30 mph and the speedometer was trying to going up and eventually lost power, but gauges stayed on. I pulled over, put it in neutral and started it up fine, then I was able to make it home. My bike just hit 12,000 miles, and I thought it was the plugs. I changed them, cleaned the air filter, and put injector cleaner inside, and the bogging didn't come back. The bike ran fine for a couple days until today. The bogging started happening again, but seemed to come at lower speeds? And to only happen when the bike is moving, and ran for while, does anyone got any ideas of what it could be?

Qckrdr 07-06-2019 11:22 AM

Try checking the mixture. Could also be your timing. Pretty sure this is fuel injection and not a carburetor so I would try and get an ecu if you willing to. Then you should tune your timing up. Those can get expensive though. And Iím not quite sure if the factory ecuís are even tunable. Hope I helped.

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